Ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machines are cold fogging machines that use large volumes of air at low pressures to transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere.

Fogging Disinfection is perfect for busy or cluttered areas and uses an atomised mist to ensure the entire space has been thoroughly disinfected. 

Total surface and airbourne sanitisation including difficult-to-reach places and busy high-traffic areas are thoroughly disinfected to ensure peace of mind. 

Gets to work immediately and the superfine mist clings to every surface in every corner of the room.

All areas under table tops and chairs, plants and foliage, ceilings, door frames, nooks and crevices are disinfected

Eradicates airborne particles of bacteria in the process

Will not damage office computer equipment, retail tills, plants, audio systems or other electrical equipment and non-corrosive to surfaces, non-harmful to people or animals. 100% ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & FOOD SAFE.

Ideal for pre-opening or the morning after a busy night in gyms, pubs, restaurants, retail stores or event spaces. We work around you and when you need us to make your business as safe as it can be.

Area ready to use immediately after application as no clean up or wipe down required

Cost effective & ideal for outbreak control methods. We are contactable at any time to help.

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